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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 25, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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the fox business network. have a good weekend. lou: good evening. our top story. president trump ended the government shutdown, agreeing to reopen government without first securing funding for the border wall. president trump: i'm proud to announce we reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. i have a very powerful alternative but i didn't want to use it at this time. after 36 days of spirited debate and dialogue, i have seen and heard from enough democrats and republicans that they are willing to put partisanship
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aside -- i think -- and put the security of the american people first. they have said they are for complete border security, and they have finally and fully acknowledged that having barriers, fencing or walls or whatever you want to call it, will be an important part of the solution. lou: the president is obviously hopeful, but he is mistaken and misinformed about what the democrats are willing to do. they aren't putting partisanship aside, not at all. they are putting it front and center. they are not acknowledging border fenlss or walls as part of the border exclusion. they are saying exactly the opposite as speaker pelosi and schumer have said from the outset. here is schumer right after the president spoke. >> we don't agree on some of the
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specifics much border security. democrats are firmly against the wall. but we agree on many things such as the need for drug inspection, humanitarian aid. strengthening security at our ports of entry. that bodes well for finding an eventual agreement. lou: the president pleased few if any of his supporters if any. nancy pelosi and the radical dems taking victory laps within 18 minutes of the announcement. illegal immigrants will soon jump to the front of the line while legal immigrants aren't even part of the discussion in the nation's capitol. and americans will be competing against low-wage workers and a system collapsing under the weight of even greater burdens.
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neither the president nor leader mcconnell talked about immigrants and their concern. no mention of our citizenry or making america great again or putting america and americans first. perhaps that was a passing oversight. but it doesn't feel that way tonight in america. we discuss tonight what is surely a victory for the new queen of the hill, nancy pelosi and leader schumer, former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement tom homan joins us and dr. sebastian gorka. also russian special operations contractors already on the ground in venezuela, there to protects nicolas maduro who still claims he's president in charge despite u.s. recognition of juan guaido as interim president. secretary of state' pompeo says
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the united states stands by all americans working in the embassy. >> u.s. officials have a right and privileges and immunities that acrew having been invited to be there by the duly credentialed leader of venezuela. and we have per expectation those rights will be protected. we'll make sure we protect our folks on the ground. lou: radical dems quickly criticizing the trump administration's response to the crisis in venezuela. colluding with russia and the chinese. it's not hard to think it might be necessary to have a special counsel appointed to find out ways going on with the democratic party. we take it all up tonight.
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and the mueller witch hunt goes on today, targeting roger stone. indicting the trump confidant on seven counts including witness tampering, lying to congress and obstruction of justice. the left-wing media is doing its best to link the indictment to president trump. the president wasn't in any way involved in any collusion with the russians. we take up the charges against roger stone, the latest in the mueller probe with harmeet dhillon. president trump announcing the end of the government shutdown than was no mention of border wall fund nor an installment on border wall funding. and the dems saying there will be no funding for the border wall that is essential to security on our border with
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mexico. today's announcement i suppose was foretold by the vote in the senate. only one democrat crossed the aisle to vote for the republican legislation. six republicans crossed the aisle to back the democratic bill. president trump is now surely persuaded, he is no longer fighting just the radical dimms. he's fighting a significant portion of his own party in the house and senate who remain indifferent to his historic achievements and successes in the first two years of his presidency. the successes cham challenge the foundation of the democratic party. the radical dimms make it clear they are interested more in the quality of life of illegal
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immigrants rather than those who voted them into office. the issues of border security and immigration reform is in my judgment absolutely absurd and reckless nonsense. utter pretense. both parties pretending border security and immigration issues that frustrated the nation for 13 years could seriously be meaning any resolved in three weeks? to suggest that is to suggest k street, the koch brothers, the chamber of commerce and wall street are honorable brokers in american politics. the koch brothers, the vatican within the chairman were of commerce answer their allies on wall street will be likely celebrating. where does all this lead? we are about to find out. reporter: one note on this. we were the first to report on your show last night this
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agreement was gaining momentum. the bills are on their way to the president's desk. the president announcing he did reach a deal without any guarantee of money for border security. president trump: many disagree, but i really feel that working with democrats and republicans we can make a truly great and secure deal happen for everyone. >> a wall may be fantasy. minutes later chuck schumer reiterated the fact the democrats do not want a wall. one key different pointed out by house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> we sat in those rooms and tried to negotiate when the president with gave four different offers.
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the democrats continued to say they would not negotiate. we saw the number of people that were hurt. the president was looking to put americans first. reporter: democrats taking a victory lap. on the state of the union house speaker nancy pelosi wavering on her pledge to hold it once the government reopened. >> what i said to the president when the government is open we'll discuss a mutually agreeable date. reporter: an administration source saying they may not be able to get it ready by tuesday. white house officials say recognizing the urgency of getting employees paid quickly. the president adding that on february 15, if there is no deal
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for border security with a barrier funding he'll declare a national emergency to build it. lou: for more on what lawmakers are saying about the president's plan, we turn to chief congressional correspondent, mike emanuel. >> we are grateful to democrats on both sides of the capital. >> a victory whrap fear the top democrats for holding the line on the partial shutdown. the hope is the state of the union address will be rescheduled soon. >> the state of the union is not planned now. reporter: the senate majority leader is warning democrats must be serious or else. >> the only way our border is going to have real security is if democrats will stop playing partisan games and get serious about negotiating with the president on a long-term come
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pro mice. >> supporters of the president are praising him for being the grown-up in the room. >> the president is saying let's pay the federal employees and get into a meeting room. we tried to meet with the speaker and schumer and they will not negotiate on anything. reporter: mark meadows saying if negotiations don't result in a solution, sutdive action is still under consideration. bull benny thompson says they will only allow taxpayer money be spent on border security measures that will make a difference. lawmakers were feeling the pressure on the shutdown and seeking a way out. >> the real ramifications of the shutdown are starting to be seen. i think you will see a cascading
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effect. reporter: back pay should start flowing to employees in two to three days. other agencies like the coast guard may take longer, so employees are urged to check with their bosses. lou: the mueller witch hunt at work early this morning. officers in assault gear raiding the home of roger stone and hauling him off to court. he's facing a seven-count indictment for the release of hacked dnc emails in 2. >> 16. catherine herridge has the story. catherine: he waves a peace sign as booze and cheers were heard.
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he says the special counsel indictment is baseless and politically motivated. >> there is no circumstances whatsoever that i will bear false witness against the president or use lies to relieve the pressure on myself. catherine: the special counsel circulated the 24-page 7-count indictment that alleged witness tampering. >> i find it disgraceful that the special counsel's office released a press release prior to informing me i would be charged. catherine: the 7 counts go to the heart of the trump campaign. quote, a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases. with other damaging information.
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stone told the trump campaign about potential future releases much damaging material by wikileaks. the indictment does not accuse stone of conspiring with wikileaks or russian agent. instead it accuses stone of lying to congress about his wikileaks contacts. >> categorically no. catherine: the president tweeted the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. no collusion. rudy giuliani said the indictment is nothing more than another false statement charge. it doesn't allege collusion. with the stone charges, the special counsel has either indicted, convicted or gotten guilty pleas from 30 people. including former insider personal attorney, michael cohen, security advisor, mike
7:15 pm
flynn and campaign chairman paul manafort. >> the integrity of our elections is something we have to get the truth about. catherine: none of the publicly reported cases have alleged collusion between russia and the trump campaign. the special counsel was reportedly granted an extension of another 6 months to continue its work. lou: the left-wing national media using the president's speech to talk about nancy pelosi the hero. >> nancy pelosi the hero. >> nancy pelosi has won every match. >> nancy pelosi knows where he'll cave and what his pain points are. she won and she won easily. >> she clearly is on top. >> she has never been more
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lou: house speaker nancy pelosi repeating her claim about deadly drugs and the relevancy of it on the border. it's under control she says. >> 90% of the drugs come through the ports of entry. lou: not so. give her four pinocchios if you are "the washington post." you shouldn't, if you are the speaker of the house be throwing out nonsense like that. the data she bases her claim on is from the u.s. customs and border protection. they didn't say 90% of the drugs go through ports of entry. what they said was that the percent of heroin is 90% along the border caught at legal crossing points. we don't know how much heroin and cocaine and meth and
7:21 pm
fentanyl, marijuana is coming across the border because all of those vast stretches of the border don't have a wall. i am talk about hundreds and hundreds of miles don't have border patrol agents. the key word there is caught. pelosi is forgetting about the tens of thousands of mules and coyotes who make a run across that border each and every year. you can say 90% of bank robbers are caught at banks. joining me, tom homan. great to have you with us, tom and dr. sebastian gorka. fox business and national security strategist. tom, it's mindless. not a single reporter questioned
7:22 pm
her about that community of 90% of drugs go through the ports of entry. that's ludicrous. >> she is talking about most of of the drugs are seized. of course, they are going to be seized at a post entry. they have a couple hundred inspectors there. i personally seized 221 kilos of cocaine in a truck that crashed through a wire fence 200 miles from a port of entry. she is comparing apples and oranges. lou: can you imagine the mindlessness of what the speaker of the house said as if dismissing the wall because we only have border patrol agents confiscating contraband at the ports of entry.
7:23 pm
>> either she is an imbecile or she is a liar. she couldn't care less about border security. she wants to have illegal aliens to come across the border to turn into democrat voters. lou: she has just whipped the president of the united states. stop, stop, stop. then i will let you finish. you know i'm an animated supporter of this president. but you have got to call it like it is. this president said it would be conditional border security building that wall and he just reversed himself. that's a victory for nancy pelosi. it will be perceived as such on every television monitor and screen in the country. to deny it is to try to escape from reality. and that we ain't going to do here. >> it may be perceived as such.
7:24 pm
but this is for three weeks. farce i'm concerned, this is a master stroke. because this is a standoff that has been extended for three weeks. the government will shut down again, but the president will ignore what nancy pelosi said today because it's just garbage? lou: you are talking about the woman house the queen of the hill, partner. you know what? >> in her own mind. lou: maybe in her own mind. but on this brad cast she is the wish. i'll tell you why. the president of the united states made a condition precedent that that border funding would be there. he withdraw that condition and the government is open and he's turning this issue over to the conference committee? >> can i just say one thing? lou: say several things.
7:25 pm
make sure you include tom in the conversation. >> i love tom, he's one of the best fighters for national security out there. that condition was based on going back to government functioning as normal which is not what the president gave nancy today. he said three weeks, lou. that's important, and he gets the state of the union. i think you just reinforced her standing as the queen of the hill. what a joy she is permitting it. >> nancy pelosi didn't win anything. if there is winners and losers, the american people lost. when nancy pelosi does not want to secure our border, when she fails, when she hates this president more than she cares about the security of this country, she is a loser. maybe she won this round but the
7:26 pm
game is far from over. i have faith in this president. he has done more than the six presidents i worked for. he'll not fail the american people and i won't lose faith in him. lou: you guys are vicious. you won't let me get a word in edge-wise on my own show. i believe in the president. i think he's an historic figure, and i think he got rolled on this. and you can cut it any way you want. but right now what's at stake is the security of this country, and those borders have to have a wall as he himself has said. and the democrats say that there will be none. so farther winning the argument because he is the one who has withdrawn the condition. >> it's not over, lou. lou: let me just finish one sentence. if they have, they the democrats
7:27 pm
do not fail to move quote-unquote comprehensive immigration reform in the midst of this three-week period, in 13 years there hasn't been a thoughtful construct, you think we'll see this for the american people created by these people who don't believe in securing the border? i am about ready to be run on the american people. and we'll call it exactly as it is here. >> i have no faith in the democrat party baits has been taken over by radicals or people like nancy pelosi who lost their power. but i make a proposal to you. have tom and me back on the show february 15, and we'll see whether people are negative then. lou: that depends on whether anything you say hold up reasonably compared to my projections. >> you got a deal. >> this president doesn't know
7:28 pm
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lou: the national left-wing media taking delight in the news that former trump advisor roger stone has been arrested in the mueller witch hunt. >> i'm he happy this guy is indicted. >> his homanship has finally caught up with him. >> if you look up scum bag in the dictionary you will see roger stone's picture there. >> it shows cord nation or whatever you want to call it.
7:33 pm
lou: joining us now, harmeet dhillon. a member of the republican national lawyers association and rnc chairman for california. and marc lotter. let's start with the after yuls glee of the left. they are thrilled this nefarious if hnecessityfair -- this nefar, roger stone, mass been arrested. why are they so excited? >> we have seen it with every indictment. ifer -- if mother theresa were indicted, there would be the the same glee. you see the nasty glean outrage
7:34 pm
no matter who they are. or if they are an out there person like roger stone or someone in their 20s. the glee is there because of donald trump. it's like the boy who cried wolf. it helps the press' lack of credibility accelerate. the indictment is much of nothing in my opinion. i'm a trial lawyer, 25 years in practice. i am thinking that's not a crime, that's not a crime. if that were a crime, lawyers would be in jail. and if someone does lie to congress, that is a crime. but as we know, the people on the other side, james comey, hillary clinton, james clapper have repeatedly lied to congress and gone the away with it. >> how many times can the media jump this shark in one week. first was "buzzfeed," then
7:35 pm
covington, now this. none of these indictments have anything to do with collusion. we are still with no charges relating to collusion. lou: what's the score on president trump, his announcement there would be three weeks of negotiation and no fulfillment of the condition precedent for border wall funding? >> i think this resets the table and puts it into president trump's favor. everyone was consumed with covering the shutdown side of the negotiation and it distracted everything. the president reset the table, federal workers will get paid and we can have a discussion on the president's terms about border security. and we'll see if democrats who previously said we won't negotiate unless you reopen the government, if they will be true to their word. if not, i bet president trump
7:36 pm
has a pen ready to sign the executive order and he'll build the wall, one way or the other. lou: what if the conference committee deinvolves into let's go big here. as is always the expression in washington when they can't handle a problem, they make it bigger, and go for comprehensive immigration reform and try to rush through a con job on the american people in three weeks. that's wait would be. it would be the architecture of let me guess, la raza, the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers and wall street. >> i don't think donald trump would have been elected by the american people if we believed he was such a bad dealing maker to fall for something like that. what he did propose in the last three weeks was a moderate compromise. but something like that would be out of the question.
7:37 pm
lou: do you agree, marc? >> i think the president wants to make a longer-term deal on immigration. i don't think they will rush it through in three weeks. the president right now is mostly worried about getting that southern border secured, dealing with the humanitarian crisis. we have a bigger fish to fry when it comes to getting the big immigration thing done. that's what will take many, many months, not many, many weeks. lou: we all better get ready for the declaration of the national emergency? do we agree? yes or no. >> yes, that would be better outcome than what you described earlier. lou: we'll have to wait until next week for marc to answer. hed from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy.
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7:42 pm
ambassador, great to have you with us. right now it looks like the united states has acted quickly against guaido. and maduro is now reacting. it looks like things are going the u.s. way in securing at least the embassy and preparing for a new regime. your thoughts. >> well, in the first instance it's important to understand that hugo chavez and nicholas maduro were together an unmitigated disaster for venezuela. the circumstances on the ground there are truly astounding. they had a million percent inflation last year. this change i think was a long time coming. there have been massive demonstrations in the past. but they dissipated in the absence largely of two things.
7:43 pm
a leader behind which the masses could rally, and international support. president trump's decision to recognize president guaido has really resulted in a cascade of recognition as' of the region and europe and elsewhere recognized the circumstances in venezuela are both very, very dangerous and could possibly become worse. lou: the security council meets tomorrow, we don't expect much from that baits is the united nations. the russians moved in contractors to secure sensibly at least maduro. what are the possible flashpoints that concern you most of in this? the russians, the chinese, the iranians. whose influence and which of the big powers do you see intervening if at all? >> i am not sure the russians
7:44 pm
and the iranians or the chinese could intervene given their relatively modest presence on the ground. but the cubans are another matter. they have been closely associated with the chavez and maduro regimes. >> we have reports of some 400 special operations contractors associated with the wagner group. this is -- this is troubling. but it looks as though guaido has the country behind him at least much of it. and maduro is simply rejected on the streets at least. how long to get this resolved do you think? >> that's not entirely clear. but it is clear that president maduro has absolutely lost the
7:45 pm
confidence of the public support that earlier hugh go chavez enjoyed. this is really his own fault as well. they have consistently over the years tried to blame the united states for their own incompetence. lou: that is certainly the philosophy in more than one failed socialist state. ambassador, thanks for being with us. patrick duddy. pope francis apparently is no fan of the president and walls. even though has those big walls around him. pastor robert jeffress with us right after the break. stay with us. ♪
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lou: on wall street stocks closing higher. the markets closing relatively flat, ending the week, that is the commodity markets. crude oil up nearly a percent up $53 a barrel. gold up 2%. silver up 3%. not even close to flat.
7:50 pm
copper up 3% again. like i said, no flat performance in price in any markets. listen to my reports from the salem radio network. robert jeffress, pastor of the first baptist church of dallas. what's his deal with walls and commenting on u.s. politics? don't they have other issues they can deal with over there? >> you would think so, lou. until the pope is willing to tear down the walls around the vatican and unlock the doors inside of the vatican, the pope has zero credibility. let me say that again. the pope has zero credibility to lecture donald trump or any other american about the morality of walls. he did get one thing right in
7:51 pm
his comment. he said walls divide people. and that's right. but guess what? god is going to divide people one day. god will divide the righteous from the unrighteous. and only the righteous will be aloud inside the wall of heaven. the rest will be outside the wall of heaven for all eternity. lou: i was concerned when the president made his announcement. i thought maybe the pope had gotten through to be an influencer. but i'm assured that we will see a declaration of a national emergency if there isn't border security with a wall that is a centerpiece. i don't trust nancy pelosi. i don't trust schumer. i trust history. history tells us in every instance, 1986-2006.
7:52 pm
every time the dems made a promise on border security right up until two years ago they violate their word. i have no reason to suspect anyone should expect a different outcome. your thoughts. >> i don't think the president expects a different outcome either. i think the president did what he felt like he had to do. i think about the great theologian kenny rogers who said you have got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. i think the president realized he was holding a losing hand. not on the wall, but on the government shutdown. i think he'll be back with this, as one of my deacons says, i'll
7:53 pm
gawrn-damn-tee you. lou: you have got to talk to that pastor. >> it's texas. lou: this president has the trust of the american people. it makes me nuts to watch nancy pelosi drive around in that convertible in a victory lap with chuck schumer and and bought of beer it's terrible to watch. >> let me tell you why i have such optimism and confidence in this president. i was on a conference call with him this week and he talked about his resolve on the wall. he says my resolve is to fulfill my oath of office to protect this nation. i believe because of that he's got the right motives and in the end he's going to win on this. god has a way of rewarding people who have the right
7:54 pm
motives. he reward them not always immediately, but ultimately. i believe the president will ultimately win on this. i believe his heart is right and he's trying to do the right thing. lou: i don't question his character or his heart or intellect. >> it won't be with the democrats. they won't help him on it. lou: i don't think a lot of the people in that white house will help him. i think many of them are rinos and many of them are committed to opposition. if they are not already in the pay of the koch brothers, wall street it's an appalling situation. and i don't like them too, pastor. >> i can tell that. you get the last word here pastor. quickly. >> the fact is, things are going the right direction.
7:55 pm
the president is doing a fantastic job of leading this nation. in the end the security of this country is going to win out. lou: amen. up next, nancy pelosi -- i had to say that name again. we'll be right back. al customiz- uh uh - i deliver the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what would it look like [if we listened more?] could the right voice - the right set of words - bring us all just a little closer, get us to open up, even push us further? it could, if we took the time to listen.
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lou: president trump announcing
7:59 pm
a three-week deal to open the government which is a good thing. but not any money for a border wall, not up a good thing. chuck schumer talks about how the talks about securing the border wall will go. president trump: i have seen and heard from enough democrats and republicans that they are willing to put partisanship aside. >> we don't agree on some of the specifics of border security. democrats are against the wall. lou: against the wall. i thought they were over that. but apparently not. roger stone has more to get over. indicted on charges of obstruction, making false statements, witness tampering. stone to be arraigned next week in a d.c. federal court. secretary of state pompeo urging u.n. security council members to recognize the interim leader as recognized by the united states, juan guaido as the interim
8:00 pm
president and emergency meeting of the security council tomorrow. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. good night from new york. [♪] trish: breaking right now. reports that the kremlin-backed special forces are now in venezuela protecting the illegitimate socialist dictator of that country, nicolas maduro as my sources tell me the rightful president juan guaido is appealing to the venezuelan military, encouraging them to defect from socialist maduro and promising them security if they do. all this amidst maduros efforts to ship $1 billion in gold out of his country tonight. we have new developments on the people's quest for freedom and the removal of a


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